Hello everyone, my name is Alexander Malinowski and I am a 21 year-old senior from Dearborn, Michigan.  Part of the Holy Cross curriculum requires that each student is to complete an eFolio site before graduation to be paired with his or her Capstone Presentation. The eFolio website is a special utility that allows a student to culminate and display their entire four-year college experience online.

It is hard to imagine my four years here at Holy Cross College are already coming to an end. The experiences I had, friends I made, and things I learned since 2008 will be on display for everyone to see.

My theme for my Capstone and eFolio is, "Every Problem is an Opportunity in Disguise", and I would like to preface this with a statement that this theme is not built on a single problem, rather it is a state of mind that enables a situation that seems dire to ultimately become worthwhile.

I have done a little bit of everything during my time here, participating in Student Government (SGA), Residence Life, Habitat for Humanity, two varsity sports teams, working on campus, and of course, taking classes.

But perhaps something greater than everything I just listed above was the opportunity to do them. Holy Cross gave me the unique opportunity to surround myself with so many activities and chances to do great things for myself and the community.

Holy Cross has given me experience and strength in the classroom, in the workplace, on the field, and in the pew; and the following pages will demonstrate this.

Please note that many of the photographs will have captions displayed if you hold your mouse over them, and several have links attached that will open in a separate window. Happy surfing!